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where she generously shares the transformative tools she's discovered along her photographic path. Drawing inspiration from her own moments of creative stillness, Kristine serves as a guide, leading participants through methods to reignite their artistic spark and face challenges with resilience. By interweaving her personal experiences into the workshop's fabric. she creates an environment where attendees don't just receive instruction; they feel genuinely understood on a profound level. Kristine's authenticity adds a layer of depth to the workshop, providing a space where participants can not only find inspiration and guidance but also rediscover a sense of creative purpose.

This workshop is truly exceptional, offering photographers a unique and invaluable opportunity. It stands out by prioritizing collaborative learning and fostering a shared space built on trust and attention to the craft. Going beyond traditional educational settings, the workshop encourages participants to embrace creative freedom and express their individuality. Learning alongside fellow photographers promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas, diverse perspectives, and a collective passion for visual storytelling.

The collaborative environment empowers participants to explore their unique artistic voices, pushing the boundaries of conventional photography. This shared commitment creates a supportive community where individuals freely exchange insights, constructive feedback, and valuable experiences. By entering this space of mutual respect and encouragement, photographers not only refine their technical skills but also develop a profound appreciation for the boundless possibilities within the realm of visual storytelling.


___ Morning

+ Artistry  & Inspiration 

We uncover the nuances of creative inspiration as we set the studio, using different materials, props, elements and discuss the soft caress of natural light we will use to weave magic into each shot later in the day. Furthermore we will also touch upon the guidance on directing, posing and preparing expectant mothers prior to their session, exploring client preparation essentials and gaining insights into the business side of maternity photography.

 ___ Lunch Break

Let's fuel our bodies and minds, getting mentally ready to welcome the beautiful mama and create some magical moments together.

___ Early Afternoon

+ Maternity Session

Indulge in a hands-on studio shoot, capturing the glow of a radiant pregnant model. Put the morning's theories into practice in a styled session adorned with professional hair and makeup, breathing life into your newfound skills. Kristine, with passion, will share her most cherished tricks and tips, standing ready to address any questions that arise during our shoot. The afternoon gracefully unfolds, dedicated to perfecting the magic and honing your artistic touch.

___Late Afternoon

+ Editing Session

Delving into the post-production world of culling and editing in Lightroom & photoshop, transforming maternity photos into captivating stories. Conclude the session with an open space for questions and clarifications, ensuring you not only leave inspired but also armed with the expertise to craft timeless and ethereal maternity captures. Plus, forge new connections and bonds with fellow creatives along the way. 

The Details

Embark on an enchanting 8-hour workshop within a stunning studio space in downtown LA. Join an intimate gathering of fellow like-minded photographers with exclusive access to a private Facebook group. As a post-workshop gift, you'll receive Kristine Boel's coveted black and white Lightroom preset. Indulge in a day complemented by delectable lunch, beverages, and delightful snacks. Take home a charming goodie bag along with captivating images to enrich your portfolio, and anticipate the potential to cultivate lasting friendships and professional connections.

A retainer is required to secure your place, with the final balance due no later than 3 weeks before the workshop unfolds. The investment covers the studio, models, hair & makeup, styling, as well as the food + beverages. 


___ Where?

Stunning, unfiltered natural light studio nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

___ When?

Specific date to be determined. Anticipated time frame: End of April . Invitations Awaits!!

___ What to Bring?

Your heart, your  camera equipment, a notebook, and optionally, your computer with editing software if you'd like to edit alongside my tutorial.

___ Do I need to be film or digital photographer to participate?

This workshop extends a warm welcome to both digital and film photographers, as well as filmmakers! Please note that the editing segment is exclusively tailored for digital photographers.

___ Can I submit the photos  to blogs/Magazine?

Absolutely! You have complete freedom to submit the shoots wherever your heart desires. There are no delays or restrictions for this shoot, and I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of seeing my attendees featured in publications. It would bring me immense joy!

___ How do I pay?

Payment  is via via credit card, PayPal or Venmo

Deposit: Non refundable retainer of $500 to secure your spot  / Remaining balance 3 weeks prior workshop : $1,000



​* Full-day captivating workshop

* Access to an exclusive private Facebook group

* Exclusive black and white Lightroom preset by Kristine Boel

* Enjoy a delicious lunch, beverages, and delightful snacks

* Take home a charming goodie bag

* Capture images to enhance your portfolio

* Opportunities to build lasting friendships and professional connections


Can not wait to get back to you, as we travel into the realms of artistry together
- Kristine.

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