"Life is like a camera - Focus on what's important and you will capture it perfectly." 

Born in Denmark, Kristine Boel has traveled the world, living in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Spain before ultimately settling in Manhattan, where she currently resides in TriBeCa with her husband, Christian, three-year-old daughter, Olivia, and little French Bulldog, Coco.


Kristine got her first camera when turning only 14 years old, But  it wasn't until much later in life she really understood the possibilities of capturing through that lens. In 2012, working as fashion assistant at V.s. Magazine, she became super inspired by the photographer Guy Aroch, But it wasn't until she became a mom in 2014, she was encouraged by her fellow mom friends to pursue her interest in photography. While shooting her way through playdates and family vacations she refined her personal style  and embraced new photography techniques?. 

While the people she’s met and places she’s been have inspired her style, it’s her Scandinavian heritage that plays the biggest influence.

In Kristine's native Denmark,  weeks of endless sunlight are followed by long, dark winters where every ray of natural light is treasured. She is fascinated with how the light sets the tone of her mood and uses the dramatic lighting schemes to create emotion in her photos. 

Kristine’s style is relaxed and intuitive. Rather than trying to direct and style her images, she lets her focus serve as the main inspiration.  Whether she is shooting playful, cheeky, shy or thoughtful children, camera conscious families or expectant mothers, Kristine prefers to be the observer, and meet the subject in the moment. 

"Honest storytelling is the core of my photography ”