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Prism, Leafs & Sun Glares

Shoot on my Canon 6D / Sigma 24mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.4 / Used a Crystal Prism for flares, enhance the bokeh and create rainbow effects / Edited in Lightroom.

This is the last shoot from Mexico where I tested some new ways to shoot. Again we spent approximately 1 hour at the beach. The sun was 1 hour away from setting and it gaves a warm soft glow from the side. I brought my prism this time to play around with making reflections and cute little rainbows. Olivia enjoyed holding it and creating her own, meaning excellent moments for me to snap some images of her sitting completely still.

Further more I used the the leafs on the beach and the trees to create hazy filters and effects. I do that often in my photography, something about the depth that appears that creates a story to an image. Giving you a clear observer feeling.

Don't mind the little lady and her esthetically fancy choice of wearing socks in the sand.

My advices to shooting with a prism:

* Keep it further away from the lens than you think, It shows less through the lens than it actually appears in the image.

* Get to know its reflections and how it breaks light - practice first without camera, then with. Its like it keeps giving so I still don't get it yet!

*Rotate the prism to get versatility and try out it's options

* Different environment - different light - different effect - That's the beauty

Buy the prism here

LOVE Kristine

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