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Muchacha De Playa | Mexico Volume #1

Shoot on my Canon 6D / Sigma 24mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.4 / Edited in Lightroom \ I used ND filter in the beginning of session when the sun was higher and stronger. This was done to be able to shoot with more depth of field (apperture) and to maintain details in the sky and sand. I would highly recommend to get ND filters if shooting when the sun is high or not that soft and golden. It opens up for more great hours to shoot and will open your mind in how to use natural light. The time of day was a little before golden hour... because we wanted to avoid the worst of the mosquitos bites as possible when the dusk would set in.

I spent approximately 1 hour at the beach with my little girl... that's around the time of content she has in her for mommy photographing moments like these. I decided to just bring her, me and my camera bag to keep the settings as natural, beachy and pure as possible. The obviously choice would bring bucket and a shovel but I wanted to play on the cast away feeling as much as possible and for her to play and interact with whatever nature had left for us. The driftwood, beach plants, sand and sun was all the extras that I needed to make this shoot... and of course the girl.

Next session will be later in the day, right around dusk and you will se the moon arise from the water. This time I brought snacks and drinks because it was right before dinner time.

Stay tuned and please leave any comments or questions you may have for me.

LOVE Kristine

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