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Let The Kids Be Kids

Right before a family photo session I often have a chat with the parents. We talk about what we can do to make the kids feeling their best and being the most content as possible. This could be things like schedule the session around nap and eating time, bringing snacks and drinks, maybe some fun toys and distractions. But mostly I wanna talk to the parents about just having fun... being silly, cuddling, showing the kids all the attention they are craving from us. These things are what makes special moments... moments that are bringing amazing photos.

I'm a sucker for real moments - good and bad, happy or sad, silly or serious. Because real is not "say cheese" "look over here" Do something adorable, right now when this stranger is starring you down with a camera". I sometimes even put a pause on the session and just get down on the kids level... like down... to the ground, rollin' around being a kid myself, explaining them about my camera, let them touch the lens (yes I do have protective cover on.. don't worry parents). All in the spirit to just to show them, what is most important is not forcing moments, but living moments... and then capturing them.

I think Janet Mock has captured real emotions, yes real fashionable and gorgeous moments of Kim Kardashian and daughter North West for Interview Magazine. Check them out and hopefully be as inspired as I did. Any one up for a Jackie' O and Daughter session?

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