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When I first saw an image of this this mezmerizing sculpture at the Burning Man festival I instictly made my own interpretation. I saw these sculptures as two parents with children caught in the middle. I think my own past of being a divorce child, with my brother and me, sometimes (most often) caught in the middle, was the reason behind the huge pause I did over this. To be really short, me and my brother has been on a long and rough journey through childhood. We have dealt with things differently, we have become two very different people, but we have always sticked together and tried to reach each other no matter how bad things has been. We are a team, when our team (family ) broke into a lot of pieces.

Sooooo when I finally read about the artist, Alexandr Milov, and his vision with this sculpture I realized my version was not his version. Which suprised me, but also reminded me of my parents has been children too, with pure intention, hope for love and happiness.

Here is a little bit more info about Burning Man and The sculpture called "Love".

#love #purity #BurningManFestival #Art #AlexandrMilov #Sculpture #Children

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